Benefits of Creating Green Spaces in Family-Friendly Cities

The urban lifestyle is fast-paced, and citizens often need to deal with an excessive amount of stress, isolation, and insufficient physical activity. Green spaces in the city have created environments where citizens can go to alleviate some of these symptoms of busy city life.

Physical Activity

These open green spaces allow more freedom for people to practice a variety of physical activities. An increase in physical activity and exercise has been known to reduce mortality and morbidity among citizens in a city environment.

Green spaces also reduce people’s exposure to environmental hazards and air pollutants. These spaces are especially important for growing children who are exposed to the city’s hazardous pollutants. The green spaces allow children to release excess amounts of energy in the open air, as opposed to staring at a mobile screen for indefinite periods of time.

Mental Health

The bustling city life often goes hand in hand with an increase in stress and anxiety. Green spaces can often act as an escape from the concrete jungle of the city. Whether it is walking the dog or parents watching their children play, being in these open spaces has a way of alleviating the stress and anxiety of city life.

The psychological relaxation that people can experience in these green spaces has a way of improving their mood, and sitting under the shelter of a tree can help people to practice mindfulness. City planners are also increasingly finding ways of incorporating these green spaces into communities as a way of alleviating the stress of city life.

Social Cohesion

Being trapped in an apartment or house for days on end became a reality during the Covid-19 pandemic. These events shed more light on the side-effects of social isolation and the innate need of people to connect with other human beings. Social cohesion will also contribute to better mental health in the community.

These open green spaces allow people to meet up, as well as create an environment for children to play and interact with their environment. Social interaction is part of what makes us human. These spaces play an important role in creating a community where citizens can feel a sense of belonging.

Sport and Recreation

Sport and recreation also have a way of bringing people together, and it also promotes social cohesion. Green spaces encourage young people to be more active as they can organize activities and sports with their friends. These areas also host various music festivals and other events to celebrate a public holiday or occasion.

It is clear that open green spaces play a pivotal role in maintaining the health and well-being of a community. Subscribe to this platform to learn more about living in a family-friendly city.