Challenges of Sleep Quality in Family-Friendly Cities

There are numerous challenges that modern parents face when raising children in the city. Many governments and organizations employ various strategies and services that aim to support families. However, there are still many challenges that governments face with regard to improving the quality of sleep in the city.

Here are some key factors that influence the quality of sleep among citizens and family members.

Noise Pollution

One of the key attributes associated with city life is the incessant noise of traffic and machinery operating. Research shows that people can adapt to hearing this noise and that people reach a state where they are not consciously aware of the noise anymore.

However, the noise still stimulates the mind, and this may contribute to feelings of anxiety and sleeplessness. Parents who live extremely busy lives in the city may be unaware of the effect that noise pollution has on the family unit.

Child Rearing


The industrious lives of parents have also created new challenges for child-rearing practices, where caregivers and nannies are often handed the responsibility of taking care of children. Parents have also adopted many modern ideas about child-rearing.

It has become necessary to consult pediatric sleep experts on matters of designing custom sleep schedules that cater to the needs of a family unit. Mothers may need advice on anything from adapting to city life to procuring a 19 month old sleep schedule for their toddler.

Balancing Work and Family Life

Parents also need to take care that they always work towards balancing their work and family life. If there is too much going on, like school activities and work meetings, mental health can often lag behind. This can also have an effect on health, well-being, and sleep quality.

Fortunately, there are expert services available in family-friendly cities and online services like huckleberry to combat the challenges of health and sleep quality in the city.